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SAFE Haven Run for Their Lives 5K

Raleigh, NC


SAFE Haven for Cats

Donating to SAFE Haven is an investment in your community because your entire donation is used locally to benefit the animals of our area.

For our community’s animals, donations literally make the difference between neglect and nurturing, hurting and health, life and death, loneliness and a loving home.

In addition, your gift helps us continue our important national and regional work:

  1. Ending and preventing Animal Hoarding
  2. Managing community cats (T/N/R)
  3. Focusing attention on the plight of cats in shelters nationwide

With 21 years of service to animals and the people of Wake, Durham, Orange, Johnston, Franklin, Granville and Harnett counties, SAFE Haven for Cats has a long-standing record of careful stewardship of your gifts.

SAFE Haven for Cats relies almost entirely on individual donations like yours. As a private animal welfare organization, we are not supported by government funds or grants of any kind.

We truly appreciate your generosity and commitment to cats. Please join us in this effort with a tax-deductible donation today.

Federal Tax I.D. Number – 56-1916620

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